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What is an MSN Messenger skin ?

An MSN Messenger skin is basically an altered look for MSN Messenger.

How do I install an MSN Messenger skin ?

My skins come with a very easy-to-use installer. First you’ll have to close your regular MSN Messenger, run the downloaded setup file, and follow the instructions. Once the installation is complete you can enjoy your Messenger with the new skin.

How do I uninstall an MSN Messenger skin ?

Well my skins already have an uninstaller. All you have to do is go to your Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. You’ll find the skin name listed. Click on the Change/Remove button. However, if you don’t find it listed or experience any trouble you can simply reinstall/repair your regular MSN Messenger.

I get a “Could not find offset to match!” error when installing ?!

Please uninstall any skin or mod you have installed. Make sure you are installing the skin on an original unmodified version of MSN Messenger. To have a clean version simply reinstall/repair the original MSN Messenger. The latest version can always be found at

Do your skins work for all Windows ?

Skins work optimum for Windows XP. They would work on Windows 95/98/ME/2000 but you might find a few graphic glitches like a black stroke around the icons. Unfortunately, the skins aren’t compatible with Windows NT.

Do your skins support all languages ?

Yes. The method of patching resources keeps your msgslang.dll with it’s original language with only some minor changes.

How can I create my own MSN Messenger skin ?

Well to learn how to skin MSN Messenger you can see my skinning tutorials. For more information, support, and assistance you can visit the MSN Messenger Skinning Forums.

I like your work, how can I support ?

If you like my work please consider making a small donation. Can’t make a donation ? Well you can spread the word about my site to bring more visitors. More users is always a good thing… You can also use some banners in your signature, on your site, or elsewhere. Any type of support is appreaciated 🙂

Roland or Rolando ?

I get alot of confused people asking if I am Rolando or Roland. I am Rolando! The name of my site is Roland Underground because the site is a place and the name Roland containing the word land would give a more proper referral to a place. That’s all.